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How To Stay In Shape During BBQ Season

BBQ season


How To Stay In Shape During BBQ Season

Most of us trying to keep our diets in check cringe at the idea of attending a summer BBQ knowing that it entails greasy burgers, mayo-laden salads, and sugar filled frozen drinks, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Use these easy tips, to breeze past the bad stuff and still that bikini body in check.


1. Hydrate

Dehydration is the biggest culprit in causing fatigue and a false sense of hunger.


2. Load up on veggies

They’re high in fibre, which means they will keep you fuller longer.


3. Go skinless

There are so many burger options, and some that are considered healthier than others such as bison or turkey, so be smart about it. Choose a skinless or lower fat meat and pile your burger high with lots of vegetable options. Skip the bun or choose a gluten free version.


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4. Not all salads are created equal

Avoid any ‘salad’ that contains pasta or potatoes. Opt for the more colorful options and choose to dress it with your own dressing.


5. The alcohol trap

Sugary, frozen alcoholic drinks can look so appealing on a hot summer day but are a trap for a high carb sugar overload. Choose something mixed with refreshing soda water and lime, or a wine spritzer.


6. Get up and get moving

One of the best things about BBQ season is being outside and enjoying the weather. Get away from the picnic table and enjoy a game of Frisbee or lawn darts with some friends to keep your focus off food and burn some extra calories.


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