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Alcoholic Drinks To Fit A Healthy Lifestyle

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Alcoholic Drinks To Fit A Healthy Lifestyle

With the summer months arriving and lockdowns lifting there’s more opportunities to head out with your friends and have a few drinks. And to some that can feel problematic, the fight between keeping your body in good shape and not missing out on all of the fun, and we feel like we can totally relate on this one!

So, to help relieve you of this stress we’ve decided to put together a list of what you should choose or lose when picking your drinks. See the list below!

6 oz Rum & Diet Coke – 65 calories
Prosecco (100ml) – 60 calories
12 oz Light Beer – 103 calories
Gin & Diet Tonic – 115 calories
20 oz Hard Cider – 150 calories
Champagne 120ml – 89 calories
Moscow Mule 170ml – 120 calories
Vodka, Soda + Lime – 106 calories
5 oz Red Wine – 106 calories

12 oz Pina Colada – 586 calories
9 oz Mai Tai – 620 calories
10 oz White Russian – 500 calories
10 oz Long Island Iced Tea – 420 calories
10 oz Margarita – 550 calories

While making sure you’re avoiding the high calorie drinks is a step in the right direction, this will not pay off if you’re out a lot of the time. Try to pick the parties you attend, the ones that you think will be worth the indulgence, by doing this you will give yourself a better chance of staying as in shape as possible while not missing out on anything worthwhile!

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