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Acacia Fiber Benefits


Acacia Fiber Benefits

When it comes to nutrition, we know that calories in versus calories out is important to monitor when trying to lose weight or gain muscle. We also know that the food we eat in order to fill those macros or calories also plays a huge role in our overall progress and how we feel each day. How we feel is extremely important in keeping us motivated to stick to the plan and not give up, so putting focus on digestive health can make a big impact on our overall fitness journey.

Our gut is essentially our second brain and plays a huge role in heart heart health, bowel function, glucose levels, hormone health, and so much more. We have trillions of bacteria on and inside our bodies that make up our microbiome. Our microbiome works hard to support and maintain our immune system, metabolism, digestion, and even our moods, so it has a very important role in our everyday lives. But there’s a catch, in order for our microbiome to run smoothly and effectively, we must provide it with prebiotics, also known as soluble fiber, to help the healthy bacteria in our bodies thrive and running in an optimal place.

We live in a day and age where we deplete healthy bacteria from our bodies with chemical soaps, cleaners, antibiotics, stress, and the chemically processed foods we consume. So in order to combat everything we put our bodies through, it is vital to replenish that good bacteria and be able to provide the body with probiotics to help the healthy bacteria thrive along with our immune systems.

There are many prebiotic foods you can consume in order to get a healthy balance of soluble fiber. For example, potatoes, bananas, asparagus, oats, etc. are a great option. But one prebiotic food really packs a big punch, and that is acacia fiber, also known as acacia gum. Acacia fiber is derived from the sap of the Acacia Senegal Tree and has some amazing benefits.

Acacia fiber helps support the gut barrier between cells that allows for healthy nutrients to flow but also helps block out toxins and other harmful bacteria. An especially great option for leaky gut syndrome, or anyone looking to improve immune function. Acacia fiber also helps support the growth of fatty acids that nourish the intestinal cells within the gut that support the gut barrier.

Seeing as acacia fiber is soluble, when digested it absorbs water within the intestines to form a gel like substance that not only helps keep you feeling full longer, but also supports nutrient absorption and glucose absorption to reduce rapid increases of insulin and improve weight management. Unlike other fiber sources, acacia fiber ferments much slower and has been show to reach the last part of the colon unlike other fiber sources which ferment right away leading to unwanted gas and bloating in some cases. This can be extremely helpful for anyone who has been dealing with bloating or embarrassing gas.

Look for a quality acacia fiber supplement if in the market, like GI Assist which contains no added fillers or artificial ingredients which can amplify gut issues for some.

Gut health doesn’t have to be complicated if we stay proactive and make sure to include a healthy dose of probiotics, prebiotics, and a healthy diet. Supplementing with a product that includes acacia fiber can also be extremely beneficial for anyone looking to improve or maintain their gut health.

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