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7 Overnight Oats Recipes You Need To Try

overnight oats recipes


7 Overnight Oats Recipes You Need To Try

There are probably only thirty people left in the world who haven’t heard of overnight oats yet. They’re the easiest, yummiest and healthiest breakfast you can make in under five minutes.

While you might be satisfied with your oatmeal, these pre-prepped pots are perfect for anyone on-the-go who wants to make breakfast a little more interesting and flavorsome. Here are some of our favorites.


1. Banana Nut

Simple, but sweet. This recipe by The Healthy Maven is perfect for any berry haters who want to jump on the overnight oat train.


2. Blueberry Coconut

Rich, creamy and full of berries. This recipe from My Darling Vegan is perfect for getting your antioxidant fix.

Recipe via My Darling Vegan


3. Peanut Butter

Five ingredients, five minutes, done. We can’t resist getting some peanut butter in our breakfast with this recipe from Minimalist Baker.

Peanut butter

Recipe via Minimalist Baker


4. Mixed Berry Protein

If you struggle to get enough protein in your diet? Try this recipe from Amy’s Healthy Baking to add 16+g into your breakfast.


5. Cherry, Berry and Banana

Get patriotic with this red, white and blue variation from Foodie Crush.


Recipe via Foodie Crush


6. Salted Caramel Mocha

Who said you can’t have caramel for breakfast? This recipe from The Breakfast Drama Queen certainly has it.


7. Protein Brownie Batter

If it had protein in, it’s healthy right? We hope so because this recipe from Dashing Dish is amazing!

Protein Brownie Batter

Recipe via Dashing Dish


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