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Transformation: Fight Fat with Muscle

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Transformation: Fight Fat with Muscle

Jade Scooby needed to lose body fat but shunned the treadmill and instead chose to do it using the power of the barbell.

Vital Stats:

Age: 23
Weight: 320lb
Height: 5’10

Age: 30
Weight: 170-180lb

Aha Moment
I knew that if I truly wanted to become a police officer, there was no way I could pass the Maine State Police Academy’s fitness standards. So I asked my brother one day to help me in the gym with a workout and we met up for an easy bodyweight workout, which in turn made me run outside and get sick. At that moment when I had my hand against the building after getting sick, I told myself I was done quitting,and I haven’t looked back since.

Inception Point
The first thing I did before even working out was figure out my diet. I began counting calories and saw the weight almost falling off. The more weight I lost, the more interested I became and the more research I did.With that I began working out on my own and thankfully found powerlifting, which has truly saved my life in more ways than one. The more serious I became with my strength and nutrition, I eventually found Renaissance Periodization (RP) Strength. While eating on my RP templates, I hit the best numbers in my powerlifting career, even after three herniated discs and tearing my hip labrum.

Trials Faced
I’ve faced many challenges, but nothing that wasn’t worth it or impossible. Psychologically, it really put me in a better place for the most part, but I also got obsessed with it at one point. But I truly feel I had to reach that point to find my happy medium, because now I can understand my clients better because I feel like I’ve been through most of what they have, will or could possibly go through. Working out has also led to not just a happier life, but an easier life in general. Moving is way easier with 150 fewer pounds on your body. Just doing day-to-day things, like walking, picking things up and being in better general shape. It sounds like it’s a simple thing, but it’s changed my life in ways I can’t explain.Exercise and nutrition has not only changed my life, but it saved it. Had I not found powerlifting and strength training, I know I would have never stuck with it. I got very lucky finding my passion with strength and nutrition so quickly on my journey.

Redefining Limits
Having to get another knee surgery was rough, but nothing was worse than herniating three discs and tearing my hip labrum all during my third squat attempt at my last powerlifting meet and still finishing the meet with PBs across the board and best lifter. That said, let me say, do as I say and not what I do in that situation. I pay for it greatly now. However, I feel as though every bump in the road brought me to being the smart and healthy athlete I am today, and it also helps me work with a larger range of athletes as clients.

Jade’s Best Lifts
Squat: 400lb
Deadlift: 400lb
Bench press: 200lbs

My Diet and Supplement
For the past three years I’ve been on RP Strength. I found them when I began seeing their transformations of world class and everyday athletes on their Instagram page. I got my first template and never turned back. RP taught me how much more your body responds in the best way possible, when you fuel it with what it needs, rather than what you want that “fits” your macros. I began eating way more whole foods and tons more vegetables!Even when I’m “off” RP, I still follow it loosely, because it’s just changed my relationship with food completely and I feel I perform my best when I do it. The only supplements I take are whey and casein protein powder. I’ll drink a pre-workout on occasion, since I workout at 3:30 am during the week, but other than that I get my nutrients from my diet.

My Training Commitments
With working out at 3:30am three times a week and in the mornings on weekends, I get in what I can, when I can. I prefer doing squats and deadlifts on Saturday and Sunday because that’s when I’m not as fatigued, and I follow that with my basic body building workouts that change almost daily. Most of what I do is based off of how I feel that day.

Future Plans
I’d like to compete in powerlifting again but after my most recent knee surgery and a few other lingering injuries, I’m not sure I’ll get past my yearly Toys for Tots charity meet, but I’m OK with that. I feel like I went into the sport and did what I needed to do. Now I just want to keep building my personal training clientele and help more women get barbells in their hands.

Advice to Others
1. Start when you’re ready. This should be your choice so find what you love and what will keep you coming back. Whether it’s running, powerlifting, CrossFit, whatever it may be, find it and stick with it.Also, never skip a birthday or a holiday because of your diet. Food, dieting and the gym will always be there, but the people in your life and the time you get with them won’t be.

2. Stop being scared of strong. You will not look like Arnold or Shrek if you touch a weight. Being strong and jacked does not come easy for us, trust me –I wish it did. You have to eat and train for a purpose, and the results will come.Women’s physiques are highlighted when they strength train and it also helps burn fat even when they’re not working out, as opposed to doing just cardio and dieting yourself to death.

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