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4 Reasons To Pick Up TRAIN for HER May 2017

TRAIN for HER May 2017


4 Reasons To Pick Up TRAIN for HER May 2017

Our May issue is officially on the shelves, so we’ve round up of our favorite features from the month that’ll have you running to the shops.



1. Total Body In Four Minutes

Our trainer Tawny Clark walks you through a full body workout that will have you sweating in no time. This unique Tabata-style workout is designed to have you perform 20-seconds of high intensity work followed by 10-seconds of rest. Perform each move in a circuit fashion and walk away with slimmer legs and extra time.


2. Your Personal Fat Shredding Diet

Cookie-cutter diets are a thing of the past. There are no one-size fits all diet plan because we’re all different with unique personalities, requirements and issues. TRAIN for HER explores the diets that work for different needs, from the lazy eaters to the impatient. Find out what kind of diet personality you have so can enjoy greater fitness success through food.


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3. Back After Burning Out

Stacey Dearth’s transformation started after having her second baby. Having been active up until her college graduation, her inactivity hit her health hard but she became determined to get up on stage and compete in a local NPC competition. Read her advice on how to go from burned out to buff.


4. Busy Mom’s Workout Plan

Cover model and figure competitor, Brooke Erickson, proves that being too busy to workout is no longer an excuse. This mom of three shares her weekly workout plan as well as top tips on how to balance caring for little ones with fitness.


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