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How To Master Time Sensitive Training

Time Sensitive Training


How To Master Time Sensitive Training

A shortened workout window should never prompt you to scrap the whole thing.

Let’s say your workouts usually take an hour and a half. Normally, you have no problem setting aside this time and getting it all done. But what happens when you have an exceptionally busy day and can only set aside 30 minutes? Or an accident on the road delays you so much that there is no way you’ll be able to squeeze in the whole thing?

Someone with an all-or-nothing mentality would skip her workout since she didn’t have time to do it 100%. After all, what good is a workout if you can’t do the whole thing?


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You know that any workout is better than no workout. So why is it so hard to convince yourself of that when your options are “do something” or “do nothing”?


Next time, try one of these:

1. Set your phone timer to count down from however long you have available and just do as much of your workout as possible in that time.

2. Pick 3-5 important exercises or those with the biggest bang for their buck and do those first. Maybe this means focusing on compound moves or larger muscle groups and skipping out on accessory work or core. Or depending on your goals and situation, maybe the exact opposite.

3. Stay home and get in a bodyweight circuit or some HIIT. Is a partial workout ideal? No. But it’s better than nothing.


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Esther Avant

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