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5 Tech Gifts For Fitness Enthusiasts

Tech Gifts For Fitness Enthusiasts


5 Tech Gifts For Fitness Enthusiasts

The year is coming to a close and honestly – we’re still thinking about all the new fit tech we all desperately want for Christmas. From smart watches to bike navigation, 2017 has seen it all.

While we’re all sitting on the edge of our seat waiting for what’s coming out next year, we wanted to reflect on our favorite products from the past 12 months.

If you’re still yet to decide what you want Santa to bring you, here is our list of tech that we wouldn’t mind finding in our stockings.


ZeroWater Purifier

Zerowater purifier

If you live in the city, you’ll know that tap water isn’t particularly clean. This can be particularly off-putting when you’re trying to drink more water. Enter the ZeroWater Purifier. Unlike normal water filters, ZeroWater boasts a five-stage process which removes 99% of total dissolved solids.

Not sure what that means? Us neither – but what we do know is that ever since we’ve been using it in the office, drinking water has become a lot more enjoyable (and healthier).

Get yours for $29.99 here.


QardioBase 2

Qardiobase 2

When it comes to tracking your fitness, it’s important to measure accurately. However, it can be time-consuming to get out your tape measures, scales and calipers every time you weigh-in. Luckily, we live in the 21st century and this Wi-Fi smart scale can measure more than just your weight.

The QardioBase also measures your BMI, % body fat, muscle, bone and water composition. Link it up to the app (available for Apple, Kindle and Android) to monitor progress, set goals and track your activities. The perfect all-round fitness companion.

Buy yours for $149 here.


Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit Ionic

When you think about fitness trackers, you think Fitbit. There have been a ton of other brands, all trying to compete with this iconic brand, however, this year’s new release has been exceptional and we saw the release of the Fitbit Ionic and we’re seriously impressed.

Not only does the smartwatch contain a plethora of workout options with Fitbit Coach, but it also has built-in GPS, contactless payment and onboard music – oh, and you can take it swimming (up to 50 meters)!

You can get yours for $269.95 here.



hand holding phone next to a bikes handle bars

In a world where we’re trying to be more eco-friendly and healthy, choosing to cycle is a great way to help the environment, improve your fitness and skip all of the traffic on your commute. However, one of my main reasons for leaving my bike at home is my sense of direction – in short, I have none.

The Beeline is a bike navigation made easy. This little device allows users to get around without any distraction: just follow the arrow. It’s small and compact, meaning you can keep it with you when you need it. A great present for cyclists, amateur to pro.

Get yours for $129.98 here.


Jaybird X3 wireless headphones

Jaybird X3 wireless headphones next to an iphone

I can’t be the only person who is beyond thrilled that Bluetooth headphones are a thing. Between workouts and commuting, ditching the wires makes life a lot easier. Currently, the office favorite is the Jaybird X3.

It’s waterproof and sweatproof, has 8-hour playback time and comes with a variety of interchangeable tips and fins to make sure your headphones fit perfectly – no more falling out when you’re training hard in the gym.

Get yours for $109.99 here.


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