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The 6 Supplements That Will Keep You Going

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The 6 Supplements That Will Keep You Going

Having the endurance to push to the finish line is a big ask on your energy systems but these vital stamina-inducing supplements will keep you going for longer.


On-the-move energy: Gels

You can only store enough energy in your muscles to deliver about 80 minutes of endurance exercise before you need refueling, which is when gels earn their keep. They can be stashed in your pocket and conveniently squirted into your mouth while you’re on the run. Research in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition Exercise and Metabolism found taking a carb gel during endurance exercise helps improve performance and keeps you going. With more in your tank you’d better not forget the anti-chafing cream.


Mid-session boost: Palatinose

Palatinose is one of the few carbs that boasts a patent, thanks to its delayed-release action. That means you can drink it before you start training because your body digests it slowly, so midway through your exercise session you’ll get a burst of energy; and that’s backed up by research in the Forum of Nutrition. Think of it as eating a bowl of rice in the middle of your run minus the inconvenient chewing part.


Oxygen Boost: Iron

To power away from the pack in an endurance event you need to get plenty of oxygen to your working muscles, and it’s iron that transports oxygen in your blood. The Mayo Clinic states that a lack of iron will make you tired, short of breath and decrease your physical performance.


Prevent cramps: Electrolytes

Cramps can feel like a jackhammer has been left to percolate inside your muscles, putting a huge strain on your workout. Their main cause is a lack of electrolytes, according to research in Sports Health, so these supplements are a tasty way to make sure you never have to suffer with those aches again. They’re full of the magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium that’ll safeguard your personal best times.


Your pre-race insurance policy: Colostrum

To gain more endurance, a good first step is to bank what you’ve got by reducing your risk of getting the runner’s trots. Research in the American Journal of Physiology Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology found that colostrum reduces endurance athletes’ leaky-gut syndrome by 80%. This unfortunate condition can wreak havoc with your personal bests – and confidence – so consider this supplement an asset-protection policy well worth taking before the big race.


Overall endurance improver: Beta Alanine

This amino acid is found in your favorite chicken dish. Taking it in large amounts will keep you on the go for longer. Research in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that it can increase your VO2 Max and overall endurance. The study authors discovered it fights fatigue and boosts your stamina by pooling more blood in your muscles.


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