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Six Tips to Help You Work From Home


Six Tips to Help You Work From Home

Working from home doesn’t suit everyone but during these crazy times people have had to adjust to this new reality. For families, this can be very challenging, having to entertain the kids while also aiming to be as efficient as possible with all the demands of work. Below are some tips to help improve your efficiency and boost your mental health while working from home.

1. Take Multiple Breaks 

Taking multiple breaks helps to reset your mental state and mindset throughout the day. Be purposeful with your breaks, practice breathing, meditation, drink water, stretch, go for a jog, etc. Find healthy ways to step away from your desk or work space that will relax your mind and allow you to come back to work refreshed.

2. Increase Movement

Movement has many benefits not just for physical health but also for mental wellbeing. Get up and move as often as you can, whether this is a walk outdoors or simply leaving your office and stretching in the living room. Take a few minutes and simply move your body. We can get very sedentary working desk jobs which can lead to issues with posture, weakened muscles and over time can lead to fat gain. The body and mind both need movement.

3. Schedule and take a Lunch Break 

Aim to eat a well-balanced lunch. Nutrition is very important when it comes to optimal brain function as well as improvements with mood and mental clarity. Schedule a lunch break each day as you would in an office and slow down while you eat, don’t rush. Take your time and enjoy the down time before heading back to work.

4. Set actual Work Hours 

Time management is the number one challenge people encounter when starting to work from home. Setting boundaries for work can really help with your work-life balance. Set a start and end time like you would if you were working in an office. When it’s time to call it quits for the day, DO IT. You’ll have another day tomorrow to continue your work. When your work day is over, flip that switch off and spend quality time with your loved ones.

5. Create a Calm and Motivating Workspace 

The space in which you work can have a big impact on how you feel and how motivated you are to work. Make your space your own. Keep the work area clean and organized. Get an essential oil diffuser and run that baby. Set up pictures and quotes that you connect with and make you feel good. Trust me, it helps!

6. Minimize Distractions 

If you tend to get distracted by your phone and scroll through social media, keep your phone face down on your desk and on silent or vibrate. You could even opt to set it on a dresser further away from your workspace so you aren’t tempted. You can also turn off social media notifications to minimize distractions. If you are a work from home mom or dad, set your kids up with crafts or games that can keep them busy while you work. It is also very beneficial to have a specific workspace, not your couch or kitchen table, a specific office room or space that is your “work only” space. This will make it much easier to “call it quits” at the end of the day.

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