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What Is LISS Cardio Training?



What Is LISS Cardio Training?

Tired of your high-intensity cardio workouts? It might be time to meet LISS – the younger, lesser known sister of HIIT. You may have seen the fitness term popping up around social media, but what is it? TRAIN for HER is here to introduce you to your new favorite rest day workout.


What is LISS?

LISS is an acronym of Low Intensity Steady State. It describes low intensity cardio or aerobic-based activity that you maintain for a set period of time (30 – 60 minutes).


Where did it come from?

The idea of low intensity cardio isn’t a new one. it’s been around for decades, used by many bodybuilders in the early 70s to get lean.

The term, however, was made famous by Bikini Body Guide queen, Kayla Itsines’ boyfriend, Toby Pearce.


Does it work?

Yes! Scientifically speaking, training at a lower intensity allows your body to metabolise fat for energy consumption by the body.

However, if not accompanied by any form of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), it can lead to your muscles losing strength as it isn’t a great way of breaking down stored fat.


Who can do it?

Anyone and everyone. When done as part of a balanced exercise schedule, it can be a great addition to your HIIT days and is perfect for recovery/active rest days. As LISS activities aren’t intimidating and don’t put a lot of strain on your body, they are great for beginners looking to get build up their fitness levels.


How do I do it?

LISS activities vary from a brisk walk to swimming. Taking your dog out for his daily walk even counts ­– score!

What you’re looking for is an activity that doesn’t leave you breathless, but one that you can maintain for about an hour. If you have a gym membership, head to the treadmill, kick up the incline and get walking.


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