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4 Ways To Cheat Running Fatigue


4 Ways To Cheat Running Fatigue

We know that running gives you an amazing high, but sometimes it just leaves you tired and unable to carry on. Here are four little ways to keep running all the way to the finishing line.


1. Crunch numbers

A study in the Psychiatric Annals found people who did a mentally challenging task during exercise could train for up to three times longer. Bust out the internal spreadsheet when you’re starting to flag.


2. Swig the beets

A little swig of beetroot juice can increase your stamina by up to 16%, a study at the University of Exeter, UK, found. Make this your go-to drink before your next canter and you’ll go the extra mile – literally.


3. Get beta

Beta-alinine is not just for the muscle-hungry. A study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found it can positively effect endurance performance on cardio moves such as cycling and rowing, so it’ll be guarantee to help you run that final mile. Get it from


4. Sweeten up

Dark chocolate is known to increase heart health but new research at Kingston University, UK, found it enhances endurance performance too. It’s the yummiest snack before or after you lace up your trainers.


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