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Diddly Squat

Is it worth mentioning something when nothing new has been found?

Well, that’s what a paper in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research just did, but in the nothingness lay the message. They got women to do back squats in various ways. One group did four sets of 10 and the other group did four sets of two five repetition clusters with 30-second intraset rest and 90-second interset rest.

The differences? Nothing! No changes in hormonal responses or strength. What does that mean for you?

It means you just need to squat. But how you choose to structure your reps and sets is up to you, and don’t get duped into believing there’s a magical structure out there which a trainer will sell you to get the ultimate booty prize.

You know what to do, so bend the knees.

This article orginally feature in TRAIN for HER issue 89. Get a free subscription by clicking here.

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