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Everything You Need To Know About Aerial Silks

aerial silks


Everything You Need To Know About Aerial Silks

TRAIN for HER is always on the lookout for new ways for you to get fit, have fun and burn calories. Having scoured the workout world, we’ve discovered alternative workout classes that you’ll be dying to try.

Thought you’d have to run off and join the circus to swing around effortlessly on a bit of ribbon? Think again. You probably won’t have to go any further than your local dance studio because aerial silks is fast becoming a popular workout of choice for many.


What is aerial silks?

It’s a form of aerial art where an artist performs a variety of climbs, wraps and drops with just suspended fabric to keep them from falling to the floor. Using a combination of upper body and core strength, you can climb the silks. With enough practice and skill, you will wrap and manoeuvre your body into impressive moves, perfect for Instagram.


Who can do aerial silks?

There is no age limit for aerial silks (although some classes only teach 16 and over), but it does involve a lot of flexibility and strength. These will be improved as you progress and try new and exciting moves. All studios should also offer a beginner’s class so don’t worry if you have never done anything like this before.

If you have persistent wrist, shoulder, back or neck injuries then it’s probably best to avoid this kind of workout until you’ve recovered fully. However trained specialists will always advise students on individual cases.


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What does aerial silks target?

A whole lotta core! In order to achieve the poses and moves that are undertaken in aerial silks, your abs are going to get a workout. You’ll also target muscle groups you never thought you would, such as your hip flexors and adductors and abductors.

One case study found that, as a workout, it works you as hard as an hour long spinning class. And you probably won’t have a sore bum after.


How much does it cost?

As with any specialist workouts, they aren’t cheap. On average, classes cost between $20-40 (£16-30), this will vary heavily dependent on location. Most studios offer a first visit offer as well as package deals which means you can try before you commit to a month’s worth of lessons.


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