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5 Fitness Tips You Should Always Follow

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5 Fitness Tips You Should Always Follow

The amount of health and fitness content available on the internet today can be daunting and that’s not so surprising when you consider the fact that when you type ‘health and fitness’ into google, the search results surpass 2,570,000,000…


So amongst all of those results, how do you find the most relevant and effective? Well, you could endlessly search for those answers or you can start with these 5 tips that are an absolute MUST on your fitness journey.


Get A Healthy Breakfast

Yes, we know. You’ve heard it a thousand times before, but for good reason! Making sure that your breakfast is hearty and supplies you with enough fiber and glucose to stay energized throughout the day is key to dodging that early evening slump a lot of us tend to fall victim to. So to fix this, give yourself an extra 15 minutes in the morning to ensure you’re getting a breakfast that’s worthy of the day ahead, your body will thank you later and will leave you feeling more productive throughout!



Another key aspect to having a productive day are your hydration levels. Making sure you’re hydrated helps to improve energy levels, improve mental function, and ultimately leads to an all round healthier lifestyle. Drinking plenty of water each day will help you to avoid dehydration which can lead to you feeling hungrier than you actually are and lead to overeating. If you struggle to keep up your water intake from day to day try getting yourself a water bottle and carry it everywhere with you, this will help to remind you and with time, drill it into your routine.


Structure Your Exercise Routine

We all know that exercise is super important and try our best to get to the gym as much as we possibly can, and yet still struggle to find the time to actually get it done. To counteract this, try making a weekly plan where you have set times to exercise on certain days, whether you get up early in the morning or decide you’d rather get it done late at night, create a schedule that works for you.

A 1 hour workout is just 4% of your day (and you don’t even need to do that much!) but if you are short on time, try planning in 30 minutes of aerobic exercises 5 days a week, this could be walking, running, cycling, dancing, or anything similar that will get your heart rate up.


Diet (Get it right!)

‘Nutrition is king, exercise is Queen, put them together and you have a kingdom’. Life can get busy at times and that’s fine, but don’t use it as an excuse to slack off your diet. Prepare and make sure that you’re getting all the nutrients you need from the foods you buy and eat. It all starts in the shops (or on the internet, however you do your shopping) so make sure that when you’re deciding what to buy you first include fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish, poultry, meat, low-fat dairy products, and nuts. Of course, if you don’t eat meat/fish etc. your choices will differ from those, but there’s still plenty to choose from out there!


Get Sufficient Shut Eye

Sleep is majorly important for a lot of things, and has been known to help prevent excess weight gain, increased illness duration, and heart disease (which in fact is the leading cause of death amongst women of all ages). It’s often a neglected part of our routines and a huge mistake by the masses, as this helps to improve overall health and well-being. Getting at least 7 hours (but still try for eight!) will have you waking up fresher which will lead to a more productive day, whether that be in the gym, at work or even just doing the chores around the house.


Final Thoughts

Good health and fitness is the pinnacle of life and should be treated as such. Don’t allow yourself to become lazy in life, you’ll only regret it further on down the road, and makes the climb back all the more tricky.

You can never underestimate the glorious benefits one can attain from eating, sleeping, and exercising right. Your mind and body will find a new sense of peace and harmony. It does take time, as does anything, so start planning your changes, get motivated, and allow yourself to reach the next level life.

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