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3 Ways To Improve Your Muscle Growth


3 Ways To Improve Your Muscle Growth

While there will be no magic muscle growth without training, you can give your muscles the best boost possible using these three tips from personal trainer Ant Nyman.


1. Amino acids

While training, I’ll always sip on a BCAA 2:1:1 powder from, mixed in with water,” says Nyman. “This helps to keep my muscles fed with a steady supply of amino acids, to prevent them from breaking down.”


2. Protein punch

Next on Ant’s list is protein. “Lean sources of protein like fish, chicken, eggs and red meat will help to ensure your body doesn’t have to dip into hard earned muscle in order to feed themselves. I’ll always aim to have a quality meal of protein, fiber (vegetables) and healthy fats (nuts or avocado) two to three hours before training.

This will keep muscles fed while keeping sugar levels stable and providing your body with slow release energy. If you’re looking for maximal energy from your workout rather than solely aiming for the lean look, I’d encourage you to swap the fats for a complex carbohydrate source like sweet potato.”


3. Top up after training

Finally, a post-workout drink. “Immediately after a workout, your body is screaming for protein,” explains Ant. “Make sure to listen to this call for help and have a good quality whey protein drink. Personally, I have 100% Whey Isolate or 100% Pure Whey from Multipower.

As well as tasting good, they are low in sugar and fats, and high in quality, fast acting protein. Consider having 60-80g pineapple, too, to help shuttle the nutrients into the muscles even faster.”


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